Viking Hat
Viking Hat
Viking Hat

Viking Hat with Beard (Thor)

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Great Odin's raven! When you think of Vikings it instantly conjures up images of burly warriors wielding fierce swords, riding in waves of long ships ready to pillage and plunder unsuspecting villages. It’s an accurate image and now you too can unleash your inner Viking too! 

Stay warm while looking like a Viking god with this viking winter hat with beard face warmer (Thor-style). This super soft beanie is crafted from 100% acrylic yarn and features a majestic, brawny detachable beard that will keep your face warm on cold days. So the next time you're about to run into battle grab you helmet and yell “Odin owns you all!” 

  • 100% hand-knit acrylic yarn
  • Beards are detachable and adjustable
  • Perfect for cold weather activities like snowboarding, skiing, or camping
  • One size fits most