Beard Bib
Beard Bib

Beard Bib

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Trimming a beard is messy. And by messy, we mean every part of your bathroom sink and counter will be covered.  And you're probably also tired of cleaning up the bathroom after. We know taking care of your luscious mane can be a bit of a nuisance.

But gone are the days of stray hair. Not only does this amazing beard bib catch your beard trimmings, it also has an “easy flap shoot disposal” so cleaning up afterwards is a breeze.

Oh, and the best part? Once you’re done, it folds back up, which can be stored under the counter or used while traveling. 

Beard Bib Details

  • Beard Bib Hair Catcher
  • Easy Flap Shoot Disposal
  • Easy Suction Cup Setup
  • One Size Fits ALL
  • Self Packing Pouch for Travel