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matt rutter otter grooming co.Imagine if your daily hair and skin care wasn’t a chore but a pleasurable activity. One that made you view personal grooming as an outward sign of your lifestyle.

Not only is this an amazing idea, it’s already real. That’s what excites me about Otter Grooming Co. While we’re a small shop, we're making sure we do this right. We’re making products that you’d be willing to spend time using that are easy, undetectable, and affordable. We've researched all the natural ingredients we use and their scientific benefits in order to create products that address key issues we all face like acne, oily skin, dry hair & skin, wrinkles, puffiness, and more. Sounds great, right?

Yet there’s obstacles that stand in the way. In the past, we have thought of skin care, shaving or getting a haircut as nothing more than a routine chore - a task to accomplish as quickly as possible. That's why we look for products that are fast and effective problem-solvers. We'd be much better off investing a little more time upfront to stop problems before they occur. We’re guiding Otter Grooming Co. through these challenges; to create a paradigm shift in the way men and women think about grooming that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

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