Beard Kits


Remember when growing a beard used to be easy? You just didn't shave for a while. But things have changed. Maintaining a beard style requires more care and tailoring. A shaggy beard might look good in the rugged department, but it's not doing you any favors when it comes to work, dating, and all around looks department.

That's why you need the best beard grooming kit to take your face when letting your beard go wild isn't an option. Kick off your grooming routine with confidence by stocking up on one of our selections of natural & organic beard styling products, featuring beard oils and beard balms.

Incorporating beard grooming products into your grooming routine is a powerful way to improve the health of your facial hair, decrease irritation, itchiness, and damaged hair. 

Which Should I Pick?

The main question I receive from customers is, "Which should I pick?" when they're trying to determine whether they need a beard oil vs. beard balm.  Both help tremendously from the initial stubble stage to when you have a gorgeous mane.

Before we talk about which to choose, it makes sense to look at each in more detail.  There are a few things that these two have in common, so we'll go over that first to make things easier when deciding what's right for your face.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil should mostly be used on beards in the first 0-3 weeks of growth because it provides both hair and skin benefits. It's best to choose a beard care product with oils that most resemble the sebum our faces produce. These are lightweight and absorb faster into the hair shaft without leaving a residue. Plus, all the vitamins help sooth irritated skin, fight acne, and remove free radicals that cause aging.

Beard oil is simple, yet effective, for everyday needs, but it won't tame your fly-aways and unruly beard style quite as much as a beard balm. At the same time, it will still help more than not using an anything at all. 

What Does Beard Balm Do?

As opposed to a beard oil, a beard balm will provide more hold for beard styling, taming fly-aways, and unruliness.

The essential ingredient in a beard balm is a wax.  Beeswax is a natural ingredient that has the most hold compared to shea butter and cocoa butter, which are more for spread than hold. 

The reason beard balm controls facial hair so well is due to the hardening point of the wax, butter, and oil. Because the butter and oil are fast absorbing, once they're applied and cool off, the butter and wax invisibly harden around your hair, locking in moisture and providing a hold in the style you created. They do not make your beard feel hard like a hair gel would. They'll continue to do their thing regardless of whether of the outside temperature.


It's all a matter of personal preference, but together they work wonders. Here's a nice little cheat sheet.

Pros and Cons of Beard Oil

  Great for beards with at least 0-3 weeks of growth.
  Good for beards with over 4 weeks of growth.
  Easily measured drops via dropper.
  Fits most places for traveling.
  Generally cheaper than beard balms.
  Not as much styling hold as beard balms.

Pros and Cons of Beard Balm

  Great for beards with over 4 weeks of growth.
  Great hold for styling.
  Fits most places for traveling.
  Melts in hot temperatures (such as traveling, left in hot car).
  Easy to overuse for beginners.


It's recommended that you only wash your beard 2-4 times per week to avoid it drying out.  Simply rinse with plain water with no soap. A shower is preferred over washing at a sink, but either works great.