Beard Care Products

Beard Care Products

The beard is a symbol for youthfulness, creativity, and a certain type of rugged manliness. It makes you feel two inches taller, and 10 pounds burlier. But the hardest part is the uncomfortable in-between transformation. From the awkward, itchy, patchy stage - to not recognizing yourself in the mirror - to dealing with your friends not-so-subtly mentioning that it might not be the greatest look.

Here's the deal: If you have a beard, you should definitely be maintaining it the correct way. Most men don’t believe they need to use any products at all. But men should take care of their facial hair as much as they take care of the hair on their heads. When you don't take care of your facial hair the skin underneath dries out, causing flaking. Dryness causes itching and irritation to the skin under your beard. You just need a combination of the right beard accessories along with quality beard grooming products, like a beard oil or beard balm

Beard Oils vs. Beard Balms

Beard oils are a simple, yet effective, for everyday needs, but it won't tame your fly-aways and unruly beard style quite as much as beard balms. At the same time, it will still help more than not using an anything at all.  

As opposed to beard oils, beard balms will provide more hold for beard styling, taming fly-aways, and unruliness.

Beard Care & Beard Accessories

Growing a beard used to be easy. You just didn't shave for a while. But things have changed. Maintaining a beard requires more care, tailoring, and accessories. A shaggy beard might look good in the rugged department, but it's not doing you any favors when it comes to work, dating, and all around looks department.

Beard Shirts

Grab some apparel and prove to everyone (even your mother) that your scruff or power 'stache was not such just some silly phase, but here to stay.