Beard Apron - Trimming a Beard - How To Trim A Beard
Beard Bib - Trimming a Beard - How To Trim A Beard

Beard Bib

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The Beard Bib

It comes in black or white. Oh, and the best part? Once you’re done, it folds back up, which can be stored under the counter or used while traveling. 

  • Beard Hair Catcher
  • Easy Flap Shoot Disposal
  • Easy Suction Cup Setup
  • One Size Fits ALL
  • Self Packing Pouch

Trimming A Beard Without The Mess

Trimming a beard is messy. And by messy, we mean every part of your bathroom sink and counter will be covered.  And you're probably also tired of cleaning up the bathroom after. We know taking care of your luscious mane can be a bit of a nuisance.

But gone are the days of stray hair. Not only does this amazing apron catch your beard trimmings, it also have an “easy flap shoot disposal” so cleaning up afterwards is a breeze.

It's time to grab some beard styling accessories and prove to everyone (even your mother) that your scruff or power 'stache was not such just some silly phase, but here to stay. Let's talk about how to trim a beard with your new beard bib. 

  1. Before you even begin with the tools below, you're going to want to make sure you're beard is properly washed and conditioned.  You can condition it with a beard oil, which will help soften the hair.This first step is really important to the rest of the process.
  2. Now it's time to grab your beard brush and comb the beard. But, before you start, you're actually going to want to comb against the grain.  This way all the hair are standing up, making it easier to trim and achieve an even length.
  3. Set up your beard bib to avoid making a mess and save you some time on with a quick clean up. Unfold and stick the suction cups to the mirror.
  4. Reach for your trusty beard trimmer or electric shaver and go to work. A word of advice, start with the longest length first before starting to avoid making a mistake. You can always go shorter.
  5. Now the important part, trimming the neckline and cheeks. The biggest way to compromise your beard is to ignore your beard neckline, or to trim it in the wrong place. Take two fingers and place them above your Adam's apple. Create a "U" shape and shave everyone below this spot. This is where a quality straight razor comes in handy to ensure nice, straight lines.
  6. Collect and dispose of the hair with the easy chute.
  7. Now brush your beard with the grain to make sure everything is even and flat. Re-apply your Otter Grooming Co. beard oil or beard balm to finalize your beard style. Use the beard brush to distribute the oil or balm, as well as to style your beard back into place, post-trim.
  8. Repeat.

This beard accessory will take your beard trimming & clean up to a whole new level. Whether it's a Father's Day, Birthday, Holiday Gift, or even one to yourself this beard product makes for the perfect gift for every man (and their significant other). Stop making a mess and grab yours today!  

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