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Finding affordable wall art decor can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Take advantage of your home’s blank canvases and elevate any room, bathroom, or space.

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Bathroom Accessories & Bathroom Decor

Once college ends, tacks and putty should become a thing of the past.  It's time to get rid of that “Animal House” poster and start framing things to hang nicely on the wall. 
If you need some ideas and inspiration for bathroom wall art and decor, you've come to the right place. Bathroom accessories & decor are a way to showcase your interests and tastes in an enjoyable way. Wall art fills blank spaces, adds color, or acts as a conversation starter. Make a bold statement with these bathroom accessories and classic patent art prints.

Patent Wall Decorations Details

Hanging bathroom wall decor remedies your bathroom's walls from being bare and boring. Our wide selection of blueprint patent images is inspired by vintage men's grooming and includes a the barber's chair patent, straight razor patent, and the right way to hang toilet paper patent.
If you are looking for photography that is protected from the elements, already framed art is the right option for you. Here you can find wall art with matte black frame adds an extra touch of class and doesn't take away from the picture. 
  • Alder, Semi-hardwood frame
  • Black in color
  • .75” thick
  • Acrylite front protector
  • Lightweight
  • Hanging hardware included
Patent wall art is the perfect birthday gift, graduation gift, or gift idea for any time of the year!  

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