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Beard Maintenance

There comes a certain decision that every person that loves sporting a beard has to make. Usually it's between three options. The first, is to get rid of the beard completely, after all, it has has started getting messy and wild, which brings us to the second option: keeping the beard and just letting it grow naturally, the classic caveman look if you will. Then there's the third and most logical option: to trim and shape your beard which will allow you to keep the beard, and even create a unique look for yourself, this is what we call Beard Maintenance, and also when The Art of Manscaping comes into play.

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Beard Grooming and Maintenance 101

However, if you insist on a DIY approach, then start by purchasing the right tools. Do not settle for anything less than a pair of professional barber's scissors. If you would rather use a beard trimmer, find a cordless and rechargeable unit. A wide-toothed comb for the beard and a fine-toothed mustache comb must also be on your list of items to purchase. To complete the list, you can add a three-way mirror, a magnifying mirror, and beard bib.

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How Does Beard Oil Work?

So, you have decided to grow a beard and join the league of men who make heads turn wherever they go. Do not take your beard for granted. The most important thing you need to grow healthy and lustrous hair on your chin is beard oil. In this article, we will tell you how beard oil works.

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