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Long time beard-grower, second time buyer

"Just made my second purchase of the Bloom. The scent is great and it makes my beard feel incredible. If you don’t have a beard, you should grow one just for this oil."

- Bryan F.

Excellent stuff

"I love this balm! I recently got a half sleeve on my upper left arm and the balm definitely helped with the day to day soreness. It also helped with the skin peeling by keeping my tattoo moisturized and not dry and flakey. And it has a great scent to it!"

- Leu G.

Great Product!

"I have had a beard for the better part of 3 years and have tried countless oils, this is hands down one of the best beard oils out there. I use this product almost every day and love the fresh scent as well as its ability to eliminate itch."

- Matt W.

Wonderful Oil with Phenomenal Scent

"The Bloom Beard Oil was my first introduction to Otter Grooming Company's terrific product line. The floral aromas are almost synonymous with spring and summer time so this product is a wonderful addition to the daily routine that time of year. In terms of function it left my beard feeling invigorated and fresh while keeping everything in the right place."

- Jim A.

Face Fresh Like Whoa

"It’s autumn season and with it comes, pumpkin spice everything and dry skin sorrows. I was looking all over the place for a satisfying spray to help tame my dry face throughout the day. Then, I found this mild, minty treat! I’ve been feeling super refreshed but not overly scented. Otter knows how to keep it subtle. Oh, and my skin says thanks!"

- Rhett B.

Key to a soft beard

"My wife bought me the hibernator oil and balm for Christmas. I never knew I needed these products until I started using them. The oil especially makes my beard softer and more vibrant than I could have imagined. Will be a lifelong customer and I'm very excited to try the spring/summer scents."

- James K.

Welcome to Otter Grooming Co.

Imagine if your daily beard care, hair care and skin care wasn’t a chore but a pleasurable activity. One that made you view personal grooming as an outward sign of your lifestyle.

Not only is this an amazing idea, it’s already real. That’s what excites me about Otter Grooming Co. - we're making sure we do this right! Our grooming products are ones that you’d be willing to spend time using that are easy, undetectable, and affordable. We've researched everything that goes into our products and use only 100% natural & organic ingredients in order to create products that address key issues we all face like acne, oily skin, dry hair & skin, wrinkles, puffiness, and more. Sounds great, right?

Yet there’s obstacles that stand in the way. In the past, we've thought of skincare, shaving or getting a haircut as nothing more than a routine chore - a task to accomplish as quickly as possible. That's why we look for products that are fast and effective problem-solvers. We'd be much better off investing a little more time upfront to stop problems before they occur. We’re guiding Otter Grooming Co. through these challenges; to create a paradigm shift in the way men think about grooming that promotes a healthy lifestyle.
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